The Boston terrier happens to be among the few purebred American dogs. It is known by the nickname called ‘American Gentleman’. There are some common health issues and other problems that can affect your dog and can make it difficult for you to care for it. Here are some useful tips to help you to care for this breed in a proper way.

Choose a proper diet

It is essential that you choose a proper diet for your dog, which should consist of suitable foods. Buy premium quality foods for your canine companion, given that the chemicals and artificial ingredients in inferior brands can be damaging for the immunity of your dog.

Dog bed and dog crates

Like all dogs they deserve a good bed and a good crate to keep them safe. The Boston terrier bed and Boston terrier crate are well suited for them and show be on every dog lovers purchase list!

Give it proper workouts

Without proper exercises, you can expect a Boston terrier to suffer from various health problems such as flatulence, various breathing problems, digestion issues and more. You would like to provide your dog regularly with workouts to keep it active. Regular exercise can ensure that they are well protected.

Boston Terrier 101

Watch out for respiratory problems

Breathing problems are common with this breed due to shortness of noses. Keep in mind that your Boston terrier can choke on bones, balls and other small objects. If your dog is unable to breathe or is found to be gasping for breath, you need to carry out the Heimlich maneuver. You can immediately take your dog to your vet. It is important to seek emergency medical attention so as to be able to prevent small issues such as choking from becoming serious and life threatening.

Train your dog

Bad behavior can be a big problem with this canine breed, and you should train your Boston terrier as properly as possible. Proper training can help you to ensure that your dog behaves and acts in a proper or desirable way. You should verbally command your canine friend to indicate when you approve or disapprove of its behavior or actions. If you see a positive action, offer a verbal approval for affirmation. Offer rewards such as treats to your dog if it responds as per expectations. You may buy treats in your local pet stores.

Observe your dog

Try to observe the puppy’s behavior at all times. If you find it glum or refusing to socialize with others, it is important to contact a vet and take care of behavioral and other problems that are possibly being exhibited by your beloved Boston terrier.

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