Yoga Mats are not just for their looks, they are essential as they help provide grip with the ground and also to the hands and legs during tough postures. Like any fitness equipment you might need to buy, it is important to do research about buying yoga mats too, which can be the best to suit the purpose you are employing it for.

There are many forms of yoga which are considerably different from each other in terms of postures, speed and purpose. As a result, the usage of mats for them will also vary. Some yoga forms are light where you do not sweat so much whereas a few others for instance hot yoga, are intense and involves change in postures at a fast pace. Purchase mat for the same purpose you need it for else they may turn out to be too slippery.

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Also, if you choose a yoga mat which is at the lighter side in terms of cost, then be ready to face it being dis – integrated after a few months of usage. Also, these cheap mats contain chemicals which can ultimately be harmful for your body because of the rubbing usually encountered with your skin. The best mats cost around $90 but they are more useful and beneficial in the long run.

Although, some shoppers do not prefer to go for name brands but in the case of Yoga mats, if you need quality, you need to be brand conscious. JadeYoga, Gaiam are some of the well – known Yoga brands in the USA.

The material has to be thick enough to absorb all the postures you might do on it. If it is the otherwise, then you might still feel the hardness of the ground and thus, the effectiveness of the mat is reduced.

It is always advisable to try the mat before you purchase it. Do some simple stretches and poses on it and see if you are comfortable in terms of grip and feel. Also, the mat should be long enough to accommodate stretching poses too.

Some of the Mats Available with their price:

Renew PinkYoga Mat : $8

BalanceFrom GoYoga : $18

Sivan YogaPiece Set : $39

Natural Fitness Eco Smart Yoga Mat : $39

Natural Fitness Hero Mat : $74

Warrior Mat : $40

Costway Yoga Mat: $30.

Typical Yoga Mats can range anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on the brand, material, durability and quality.

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