Although Yoga traditionally did not use any mats and even now the usage of mat is not practiced among experienced gurus, it is still an essential simply due to the advantages it has to offer. It provides with soft cushioning that helps you keep stability and balance while doing the harder poses. Also, it prevents slippage when your palms and feet get wet. Also, it is a good thing to use when you are not sure whether the floor is clean. Choosing a Yoga mat is not simple because it has to provide the correct traction and has to be made of a durable material since it will be subjected to high degrees of wear and tear. Also depending on the form of yoga you usually undertake, a suitable mat has to be picked. Thus, clearly understand your needs before opting for a mat.

  • Strauss Yoga Mat

It is one of the best exercise mats available out there as reviewed by the customers. It is available in a 4mm option and a 6mm thickness option and the prices vary according to the one you pick. It is best suited for any form of floor exercises and the padding it provides, sticks to the ground strongly. As a result, you can confidently do any pose. Maintenance is easy since it is washable and can be rolled up when not in use.  The textured material provides good grip to legs and arms. It can be purchased from Amazon.

  • Adidas Fitness Mat

The mat is extra thick to enhance stability and grip during floor based exercises and yoga. Also, the textured layout improves it adherence to the ground and simulates the feet giving it a cozy feeling. It is long enough for a full horizontal exercise and thick enough to undertake the load of any standing exercise. The material is easy to clean and is washable. It can be rolled up when not in use. It is available on Amazon.

  • Technix NBR Foam 8mm

The thick mat is available in a variety of colors including Black, Blue and Purple. It is extremely light – weight and is ideal for floor based workouts, yoga and stretching. The dimensions of the mat are 72 x 24 inches which makes it long enough for even stretching exercises. It is available for sale in Amazon and Flipkart.

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